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Real Punting – Escort Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine is a top escort who wants to make a career in porn. We told her that she can start here at real punting and we worked with her many times ever since. She has a great body and busty big boobs and she looks irresistible when she stares in the came while that guy pumps her pussy hard. Check out her realpunting scenes and tell us, do you think that she as all that needs for becoming a porn star? He had to escort this business man to a dinner the other day and saw him hitting on her and thought he might advantage of the situation. So when he started hitting on her she didn’t said no to his offer and told him that she was going to fuck with him only if he could record everything. So it’s a win win situation. She gets another movie for her porn star career and he got to fuck her real good, just like in the videos from the blog!  So don’t miss her sucking his old cock and getting it stuffed in her juicy pussy as well.

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Real Punting – Escort Ely Pink

Real punting brings you another escort lady today along with her hobby of having sex whenever she gets the chance. Her name is Ely Pink, probably because for her pink wet pussy. Anyway, watch as the sexy curly brown haired lady takes a hard core pussy pounding from behind in today’s very awesome update. Ely is new to the escorting business but after she had her first client things went pretty smooth for her. So she had a client every night, of course most of them were old, but they were old and filthy rich. Ely knew if she did some extra things for their clients nobody would mind so she didn’t have an problem with fucking after work. It were her after hours and all the money went straight in her pockets. So today she decided to film it so you guys could see it as well. She does the whole pack, from sucking cocks to pussy pounding and ass fucking as well. So don’t miss her out in full action getting her holes stretched one by one. Until next time, we’ll just leave it with you. For similar videos, enter the site and see some hot ladies getting pounded in dixies trailer park!


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Escort Bentley Devine

Bentley Devine is one cock hungry little slut. She’s today’s real punting poster lady. And she’s really worthy of that title this week. Why? Well she worked extra hard on the last guy she served as an escort for. What guaranteed a satisfied customer was that this vixen didn’t stop riding the guy’s cock until he couldn’t get it up any more. Bentley Devine isn’t at her first scene here with us, but in our opinion this is her best one. She is this smoking hot brunette and was in desperate need for some fast cash so escorting sound pretty good there. To walk with some business men to dinners and official event. Nothing hard in this. But she later found out that for some extra things she can get some serious cash. So since then she started fucking and sucking her clients and that’s how our gal could buy everything she wanted. Quite simple isn’t it? But back to our scene you must check her out taking that cock in her every hole. Don’t believe it, just watch her performance, it’s really awesome. Enjoy it and see you next time with more hardcore pics of our escorts! If you wanna see other hot porn stars in great hardcore sex videos, enter the website!


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Real Punting – Busty Victoria

Busty Victoria is today’s poster lady in this awesome real punting update. We sure were lucky when we managed to book her as our escort. This horny brunette has a reputation for not letting the guys she meets go unfinished. Yeah , that means she basically fucked and sucked the cock of our guy until she drained every ounce of jizz out of him. This is what I call full service and from the looks of it she did quite the job. We picked her for you guys that love your gals curvy with some meat on them. Victoria like the other gals needed some money for a trip and accepted to be an escort for a short period but with this kind of money she changed her mind and ended up working for us for a while now. At first she was against sleep with her clients but once she talked with the other girls and heard how much money they are making she changed her mind. So for a while now Victoria is one of our best because no one can suck a dick like she does. She loves taking her time and working really hard on getting her mouth filled with cum. So check out the entire gallery to see her in action, or visit the site and have fun watching some virgin teens getting nailed!


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Real Punting – Escort Aaliyah CaPelle

For today’s real punting sex pictures gallery update, we got our hands on a truly sexy and horny lady to act as an escort for our guy. And you know ever time it gets down to hard core sex. Anyway, her name’s Aaliah CaPelle and she sure knows how to ride a man’s cock like any lady should. Well she’s what you might consider as a professional anyway. I’m sure you’re really liking what you are seeing a girl with her curves has to be on the screen. Just look at her amazing body, those delicious curves, big tits and a juicy pussy that waits to get pounded. Aaliyah like the other girls likes sleeping around with the clients but that’s not a problem because we sure enjoy what she is sending to us. Just look at her spreading her legs wide open and getting her juicy pussy roughly hammered with this old guy. You must check out the entire gallery to see this guy ripping off her sexy black lingerie and stuffing her holes one by one but only after she sucking off his hard cock. Wanna see other cock craving sluts in hardcore anal sex scenes? It’s simple, check out the blog and have a great time inside it!


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Slutty escort riding a cock

Today’s real punting escort is a true slut. The short haired blonde showed our guy just how cock hungry she can be. So in this one you get to see her ride some hard cock however the guy wanted her to. Even though she’s rather skinny and with a slender and petite frame this blonde lady surely impressed us all as she didn’t stop for one second during the whole scene. She is this broke college stundet that desperately need some cash for her spring break so when one of her colleagues told her about this escort business she was on board. At first she didn’t slept with her clients but the other day she found this cute one that she really liked and he also offered her more money for a fuck. So the next second she was in a hotel room sucking his fat cock and then riding it like crazy, just like the chicks from the site! The client was happy, she was happy because he liked the guy and also had the money for her trip. But you should check out the entire gallery to see how things went between them.


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Escort Leonie of Newcastle

For this update on our real punting galleries we have Leonie a sexy brunette with a perky pair of tits getting a thorough and hard pussy fucking for the night. This lady is very much into starting with a nice and classy prelude to her sex sessions. So watch her get turned on as the guy slowly works up momentum in his pussy pounding technique. This escort, Leonie, is new in town trying to be an actress. Well you can only imagine the rest of the story. She is broke living in a small apartment and she’s in desperate need of money. So she took this escort job until she can find some roles to play. Unfortunately for her escorting doesn’t pay so well and she ended up sleeping with her clients as well just so she can pay rent. She loves fucking with the foreign business men because this way she is sure that she isn’t going to see them again. In this scene she got set up with this hot hunk, inked up and much younger that her usual clients. This hot brunette is a really sex addict, just like the slutty chicks from the blog, so let’s see her in action! She taped it all for you guys to have a better look at her sucking his fat cock and then taking it in her juicy pussy. enjoy it and see you next time!


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RealPunting – Escort Charlene

Today’s realpunting update brings you the perverted exploits of Charlene. One of our very horny and eager girls do porn escorts, that doesn’t let any one of her jobs be completed without a good night’s fucking. And if you want to see what we’re talking about, watch her enjoy a hard style, balls deep pussy fucking in this awesome gallery. You won’t be disappointed. Charlene is this gorgeous blonde with amazing curves that she just likes sharing with you guys. She’s actually one of the favorite escorts and many of our clients ask for her services. From what we heard from them she is pretty good at what she’s doing. So don’t miss the opportunity to check her out sucking this hunk’s big hard tool. She didn’t stop until the guy covered her face with creamy loads of cum. Then she jumped in bed spreading her legs wide open and started fingering her pussy. Charlene got his hard tool deep inside her pussy and started riding it like crazy. And that was what they did all night long, fucked in every corner of that hotel room and in every possible position. enjoy it and see you next time!


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Real Punting – Scarlett March

Hello everyone. In today’s real punting update sexy and beautiful brunette lady Scarlett March goes down on a big cock using her masterful mouth and tongue. She’s really horny all the time and she just couldn’t wait until she arrived home with the guy, so they rented a hotel room where she could go as wild as she wanted in sucking his dick.  If you’re into inked babes with hot curves and also into anal sex, Scarlett is your girl. She got a call from an old client of her that just got in town. He was pissed off that his meeting went bad so he needed to unwind until he got home to his wife. Scarlett was his first call of course and he did a hell of a job calming him. They rented a hotel room and Scarlett what she knew better and that was sucking cocks. So she pushed him on the bed and started taking off her clothes making him even hornier, then she got close to his pants and started undressing him as well. Scarlett then grabbed his hard cock and stuffed it in her filthy mouth and started sucking it off. For similar content, enter the site and see other sexy amateur ladies sucking cocks and eating jizz! And she didn’t stop until she got a mouthful of cum. Enjoy!


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Escort Barbie having anal sex

For today’s real punting update, we have another lovely lady taking a hard pussy pounding doggie style. Her name is Barbie, and quite fittingly so, since she’s really gorgeous. Anyway this sexy short haired brunette was invited to the guy’s apartment after they went out. And you just have to see this beauty take is hard core from behind. Barbie picked her name pretty well because like I said earlier she is so hot and every guys wants to fuck a Barbie in his life. Her date tonight is this 40 something business man that came in town for two day for a conference that he had to speak on. but he just couldn’t leave without seeing Barbie and  fucking her real good. So he gave her a call and set up a meeting. Barbie liked him because he paid her good cash for the basics. So she sucked his thick cock and then got her pussy stuffed and her fine ass as well. Don’t miss out the entire gallery and see this cute teen getting roughly fucked and covered with jizz. Enjoy it and see you next time with more! If you can’t wait, check out the site and see other gorgeous babes getting their tight holes stretched to the limits by big cocks!


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